Orchestra of the Imaginary

Music ensemble Orchestra of the Imaginary was formed by Andrej in September 2021. It is an open group that will perform Andrej's compositions in a wide range of musical styles.

The first project will be a premiere of Andrej's new score for the silent film Erotikon (G. Machaty, 1929, Chekoslovakia, 89 min.) on October 6th, in Teatro Verdi. The performance will be a part of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival (Le Giornate del Cinema Muto).

Group members:

  • Andrej Goričar, piano and conductor
  • Jakob Bobek, clarinet and bass clarinet
  • Jan Gričar, alt saxophone and tenor saxophone
  • Matej Haas, violin
  • Ana Julija Mlejnik, violin
  • Valentina Mosca, viola
  • Milan Hudnik, violoncello